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The Saxons

So, a fox and a badger were living on the hills. The fox is afraid of him, and in the morning, it sneaks in and it makes its needs at the mouth of the lair. The badger smells but has nothing to do. The fox goes second day. And the third. Until the badger cannot bear the smell anymore and leaves. It leaves the lair. The foxes remain. The Fool is history, madam, the history that made it at the Saxon door many mornings in a row.

… In the Second World War, our Saxons were sent to the Crimea to fight. That was the first morning. There has been some understanding with the German state and began sending them home for holidays. As they sent them, they incorporated them into the German army, SS troops. The second morning. Others, ill or injured, sent them directly to Germany. But the German army tattooed their blood type on their hands. After the guns returned, the Saxons were recognized by the sign on the arm and considered collaborators. The third morning. In 45, 46, and 47 the Saxons, because they were considered collaborators, they were completely expropriated. Everything was seized, both the earth and the animals, everything! Only the women have left. That was the fourth morning that the badger suffered.

The Communists came, and the Saxons know they had been the first Europeans to be appropriated, (because they were given land they came to Transylvania), they did not have any more what they valued very much: their properties! Revolution and democracy came. The lands were given back, the ones with which they had entered the CAP (cooperative). But the Saxons had been confiscated their properties by the Decrees before the founding of the CAPs. Their case does not fit into it! How about morning?

The badger could not stand it. He left leaving behind his home, his pigs in cages, chickens in the will of fate. He left…

(Synthesis nnr September 44th October 2017. Our Germans Ruxandra Hurezean page 82)


Romanians from Marginimea Sibiului

The “vlahi” shepherds circulated in the “Dark Ages” from the Tatra Mountains to Pind, then in the steps between the Carpathians and the Caucasus, thus ensuring the formidable unity of language, consciousness and sensation of Romanians, and proving that the Carpathian Mountains never was a barrier between the brothers. With their extensive ties in all Romanian space and beyond, with their spirit freely learned and with their economic force, these shepherds understood to preserve their forbearing faith, preferring even to go with their flocks to other lands where they could express themselves freely. The men followed the armies with the herds for trade by supplying the solders with meat, wool, etc. Women in their village, with their children, school and church.

Lenin came and space to the Crimea was closed. Stalin came and all the space was closed. With the remaining money, they have built large houses, admired today, though they are poverty-proof: a sheep was previously estimated by the number of dwellings, not by the small house in the village where children grew up. They passed to the little transhumance, from the mountain in the Delta or Banat and refused and finally escaped to cooperativisation. They bought ARO cars and sold cheese in the city at the best price. After the revolution, the import goods came. Cheese was selling hard and wool had no demand. They reprofiled: gasoline trade, dozens of gas stations plunging the roads around Romania!

Today…. Tomorrow…